Phil Saatchi

Phil Saatchi - musician, singer/songwriter,
music producer, workshop facilitator.

Phil Saatchi - Music Producer

Phil runs a Brighton music studio supporting singer/songwriters in creating a contemporary sound for their songs.

He also works with singers who cannot play an instrument, but may have the start of some song ideas - either melodies or lyrics. He can help play, arrange and develop these into full productions.

He is a Goldsmith's University music workshop skills graduate, and runs vocal, percussion, guitar, computer music tech and children’s songwriting workshops.

In 2012 Phil was a winner of the, 'John Lennon Song Writing Competition' and was formerly signed solo to A@M Records.

He has performed live at numerous concerts worldwide.

Links to some of Phil’s songs and productions are on the music page.


"Phil Saatchi is a focused producer and gifted musical interpreter " - Sam Brown

"He has fantastic feel, gets the best results from you and has the exasperating talent of making you sound more like you. Phil is a stunning producer " - Mark Cribb (Groovy Movies TV)

"Phil is brilliant to work with. He played drums and bass on my tracks, and his input was invaluable. He puts his heart and soul into the music " - JP Matthew

"He always shares his inspiration with you, while helping you get the best out of your own sound and your own style of music " - Jack Strutt

Get in contact with Phil for some personal feedback about your music.